Power demand in AZ, CA may justify expense

A 2,500 foot set of towers?

Anyone who remembers the California energy crisis of the late 1990s can understand the need for cheap electricity and the fact that people need power. A proposed downdraft tower for Southwest Arizona would create jobs and clean electricity.

Electrical Generation.

Downdraft TowerThe scope of the downdraft tower project for Southwest Arizona would be similar to the creation of the Hoover Dam in complexity. Aside from creating two of the tallest structures in the world, there would be a need to maintain these towers, keep water flowing to them for the purposes of generating electricity, and the workforce related to keeping an electrical grid that can handle this much power.

Markets for Power

The potential to use zero-emission electricity, in great supply, could lead many industries to move to Arizona and set up factories near the towers. Furthermore, the type of jobs generated by these towers would also improve the economies of nearby towns in California and Mexico as well, which both share a border with the town of Yuma. As a form of green technology, these towers may even replace some of the coal-fired plants that provide a similar amount of electricity in the region currently, and it remains to be seen how much it costs to generate a kilowatt of electricity through this method, though hopefully the minimal cost of water would offset the price of buying and transporting coal.